Flames of War Medium Bases - Tan (x16)

Art.Nr.: 4G-PBT-FOWM

Flames of War Medium Tan Bases (x16)

4Grounds Primed Bases allow you to get straight on with the job of basing your models without priming. They are available in three colours; Tan (perfect for Savannah, Desert, Steppe or Scrub), Brown (perfect for Soils and also ideal as a base shadow colour for Urban and Semi-Urban environments), and Green (yes you guessed it ideal for Grassland, Prairies, Fields etc.).
Tip; for the best terrain results use 4GROUND Base Render then cover with basing materials as required.
16 x Laser Cut Primed Tan 2mm MDF FOW Medium Bases


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Flames of War Medium Bases - Tan (x16)