Blood & Plunder: Plastic Sailors

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Blood & Plunder: Plastic Sailors

Warfare and political struggle for control of the rich resources of the New World have raged for over 100 years. Spain has held a tight grip on the majority of those resources for most of that time, but her hand grows weak. In the wake of the War of Spanish Succession, or “Queen Anne’s War” as it is known by the English colonists, the monopoly is broken and trade has taken the place of lucrative privateering.
In the wake of this shift, many former privateers are not content with harsh treatment and poor wages offered by merchants and turn a hand to their old trade. Only now, they will not have the backing of their home countries. They make their base in the abandoned English colony of New Providence in the Bahama Islands. From there they set out to make war on the whole world. They make their declaration with the death’s headset upon the black flags they fly. From 1714-1730, thousands of sailors will “Raise the Black” in what will be the final chapter of the golden age of piracy.
12x 28mm multipart plastic Sailor models with multiple weapons and head options. These models can be used to represent Sailor type units for any European nationality.

12x Models
Please Note: Miniatures supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required
28mm, plastic
Firelock Games


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Blood & Plunder: Plastic Sailors