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Primary Phase Habs are often provided with enhanced security systems, they tend to come with a minimum of a numeric keypad and more secure buildings have biometric hand scanners (this is often at the owning corporations discretion, but pioneers often request and pay for this upgrade themselves).

Sink Pioneers are a ragtag bunch based on their corporate affiliation and background as well as the area they are going to be setting up in.  Townships set up by Roberts & Klien and their affiliates tend to be primarily Norms (genetic standard humans) with high numbers of indentured AUG (augmented humans) workers for the heavy lifting.  Acseon townships on the other hand tend to be more open communities and have Norms and free AUGs co-existing even if the towns are more like the American Old West of Earth than businesses.

Approximate Dimensions: 46mm x 58mm x 48mm

15mm, MDF


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