Foundry Painting And Modelling Guide By Kevin Dallimore

Foundry Painting And Modelling Guide By Kevin Dallimore
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Foundry Painting And Modelling Guide By Kevin Dallimore

Foreword by Bryan Ansell.
A comprehensive guide to painting miniature models. This book will help you get started if you’re coming to painting with no experience, and encourage you to try out a few new or different methods if you have painted before. Each technique is described in detail along with pictures to illustrate every step as clearly as possible. This is the third edition of Kevin’s painting guide. Over the years, the Foundry range of paints has expanded to 360 different shades that are used by painters, modellers and artists throughout the world.
Hardback book. 203 pages total.
Third edition. Includes NEW 24 page 40mm American Civil War painting guide.

Wargames Foundry


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