Dark Angels: Lords of Caliban

Dark Angels: Lords of Caliban
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Dark Angels: Lords of Caliban

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The Dark Angels are the first Space Marine Legion, the honoured sons of the Lion. Striving to atone for a sin ten millennia old, they constantly hunt the mysterious Fallen, and when one of these traitors is in their sight, no enemy or ally is safe from the Dark Angels’ wrath. Amongst their number are many great heroes, the likes of Belial and Sammael, masters of the elite Deathwing and Ravenwing companies whose sworn duty is to hunt and capture the Fallen. Along with their Librarian and Chaplain brethren and the Supreme Grand Master Azrael, they are the Lords of Caliban.

This anthology contains six short stories featuring some of the mightiest heroes of the Dark Angels as they battle against impossible odds to defeat their foes and complete their shadowy crusade.


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