The Realmgate Wars: The Beasts of Cartha (Audiobook)

The Realmgate Wars: The Beasts of Cartha (Audiobook)
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The Realmgate Wars: The Beasts of Cartha (Audiobook)

After being reforged, Lord-Relictor Ramus of the Hallowed Knights is sent by Sigmar to capture the betrayer, Mannfred von Carstein. The quest brings Ramus to the Carthic Oldwoods of Ghur where he comes to the aid of the Astral Templars against a massive ogor horde. Victorious, but at great cost, Ramus discovers Mannfred is finally close at hand. Only with the help of the Astral Templars will the Lord-Relictor catch his quarry, but there are deadlier things in the woods than ogors, a fact the Stormcast Eternals soon discover.

Written by David Guymer

Running time 74 minutes. Performed by Gareth Armstrong, John Banks, Jonathan Keeble, Stephen Perring and Luis Soto 


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