SPQR: Caesar's Legions - Heroes

SPQR: Caesars Legions - Heroes
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SPQR: Caesar's Legions - Heroes

A wealth of legendary leaders are available to lead your legionaries in SPQR campaigns. Julius Caesar's eventual victory in the Gallic Wars would give him the powerbase to eventually reform the republic into an Empire. Pompey achieved many victories including against the slave revolt of Spartacus, going on to form part of the first Triumvarate along with Caesar and Marcus Crassus - who shared in many of their victories in Gaul. Mark Antony, a staunch supporter and General of Caesar went on to become part of the second Triumvarate after Caesar's murder. Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pollo were members of the 11th legion who excelled came to the attention of Caesar when their rivalry came to his attention following a battle against the Nervii. Any of these heroes are extremely powerful and provide a powerful boon to your warband.
4 resin foot figures
2 mounted resin figures
Hero unit card
Character cards

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
28mm, resin
Warlord Games
SPQR: Caesars Legions - Heroes
SPQR: Caesars Legions - Heroes


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