Rifle Platoon

Rifle Platoon
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Rifle Platoon

Includes one Formation HQ team, nine M249 SAW teams, two M47 Dragon teams, two M60 LMG teams, two SMAW teams and one 60mm Mortar team

A rifle platoon is organised into three rifle squads and a platoon headquarters. Each rifle squad has a squad leader and is divided into three four-man fire teams, one with a M249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW), a team leader with a M16 and a M203 grenade launcher, and two men with M16 assault rifles. The platoon headquarters consists of a platoon leader and three men all with M16 assault rifles.
Though the Marine rifle company has little transport of its own they can be provided with transport from the division’s assault amphibian battalion AAVP7 assault amphibious vehicles or by the helicopters of the Marine aircraft group supporting their division. However, they are equally adept at moving and fighting on foot.

M249 SAW Teams (with M72 LAW anti-tank weapons)
The primary mission of the infantry battalion and its subordinate companies is to locate, close with, and destroy the enemy by fire and manoeuvre or to repel enemy attacks by fire and close combat.

M47 Dragon Missile Teams
With the addition of elements from the company’s weapons platoon and battalion’s weapons company this could be further boasted with the addition of M60 general purpose machine-guns (GPMG), M47 Dragon anti-tank missile teams, M224 60mm mortars, and MK153 SMAW shoulder-launched multi-purpose assault weapons.

The M16 Rifle team
All this firepower combined with the esprit de corps and natural tenacity of the Marine rifleman will make a Marine rifle platoon hard to stop.

SMAW teams
M60 GPMG teams

M224 60mm mortar team

Unit Cards
Movement Orders (x1)
UH-1 Huey Infantry Combat Team (x1)  
UH-1 Huey Rifle Platoon (x1)
Rifle Company (x1)
Rifle Platoon (x1)
US Forces (x1)
Rifle Platoon - Heavy Weapons (x1)

15mm, metal
Battlefront Miniatures
Rifle Platoon
Rifle Platoon
Rifle Platoon
Rifle Platoon
Rifle Platoon


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