Abrams Tank Platoon

Abrams Tank Platoon
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Abrams Tank Platoon

Includes five plastic IPM1 Abrams or M1 Abrams tanks, resin tank commander sprue, three Unit Cards & decal sheet.

The M1 Abrams was a new tank built from the ashes of a failed project, built with cost in mind, but not neglecting technology. It utilised the latest armour, targeting, night vision, and engine technologies.
In 1984, the IP (Improved Performance) M1 Abrams was produced and issued to a number of tank units. The IPM1 fitted a new turret with improved frontal armoured protection. The IPM1 Abrams included a number of other improvements including; new reinforced suspension, transmission modifications, improved armour protection, improved protection between the crew and ammunition storage, as well as the new turret.
The M1 Abrams’ NATO-standard 105mm gun fires the latest long-rod, fin-stabilised ammunition, giving it incredible penetrating power. This time-tested gun combines remarkably compact rounds for a high rate of fire, with a deadly effect against almost any type of target. Its advanced stabiliser, laser rangefinder, and thermal imager allow it to hit targets at any range while moving rapidly across any terrain, whether by day or by night.

Abrams Tank Sprue (x5)
Unit Cards
Decal Sheet

15mm, plastic
Battlefront Miniatures
Abrams Tank Platoon
Abrams Tank Platoon
Abrams Tank Platoon
Abrams Tank Platoon
Abrams Tank Platoon


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