Motor Rifle Platoon (Plastic)

Motor Rifle Platoon (Plastic)
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Motor Rifle Platoon (Plastic)

Includes four AK-74 teams with RPG-18 anti-tank weapons, four RPG-7 teams, four medium four-hole bases and four small two-hole bases.

Soviet riflemen are armed with an impressive array of weaponry, including the classic AK-74 assault rifle, disposable RPG-18 anti-tank rockets, and the renowned RPG-7 anti-tank rocket launcher. Small squads of troops can ride into battle in the Mi-24 Hind helicopter, giving Soviet commanders great flexibility.
This blister pack contains the figures you need to add extra AK-74 and RPG-7 teams to your force, without requring a whole extra Motor Rifle Company – perfect if you want to make a mid-strength Assault Landing Company to ride into battle in your Mi-24 Hind.

AK-74 Assault Rifle Teams (with RPG-18 anti-tank weapons)
RPG-7 Anti-Tank Teams
Unit Cards

15mm, plastic
Battlefront Miniatures

Motor Rifle Platoon (Plastic)
Motor Rifle Platoon (Plastic)
Motor Rifle Platoon (Plastic)
Motor Rifle Platoon (Plastic)
Motor Rifle Platoon (Plastic)


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