Skirmish Campaigns: Russia '41 - Drive on Minsk

Skirmish Campaigns: Russia 41 - Drive on Minsk
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Skirmish Campaigns: Russia '41 - Drive on Minsk

On 22 June 1941 the German Army launched the largest military campaign in modern history. It would crash headlong into the huge and determined Soviet Red Army. Follow Army Group Center in the first weeks of Operation Barbarossa on its drive to Minsk. SkirmishCampaigns: Russia '41-Drive on Minsk allows you to recreate up to ten action-packed scenarios in as many as three campaigns from the early days of the invasion of Russia.

SkirmishCampaigns: Russia '41-Drive on Minsk is a complete book for recreating skirmish-level battles and campaigns centered on the German invasion of Russia in late June 1941. The book includes ten action-packed scenarios that can be played alone or together in one of three campaigns.
Maximum Replayability: the SkirmishCampaigns system features a realistic (and historic) variable order of battle for each scenario, guaranteeing countless unique scenario and campaign replays.
Generic Order of Battle: this book also includes a unique generic order of battle listing that can be translated to almost any skirmish rule system.
Historical Research: this book includes several introduction sections that contain background information on the Russian Campaign of 1941.
Includes: 10 Scenarios, 3 Campaigns
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