Skirmish Campaigns: Poland '39 – The Black Brigade

Skirmish Campaigns: Poland 39 – The Black Brigade
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Skirmish Campaigns: Poland '39 – The Black Brigade

On September 1, 1939 the German army invaded Poland and started the greatest war the earth had ever seen. Contrary to popular myth, the Polish army fought with determination and skill. Poland managed to hold out nearly as long against Germany as France and Britian did a year later. This book traces the saga of the brave Polish 10th Mechanized Division, the "Black Brigade" from the opening days of invasion to the fall of Poland. Elements of the intrepid Black Brigade eventually withdrew from Poland and formed the nucleous of the Polish 1st Armored Division that would in 1944 close the Falaise Gap and play a key role in the capture of thousands of German troops.

SkirmishCampaigns: Poland '39-The Black Brigade is a complete book for recreating skirmish-level battles and campaigns centered on the heroic defensive fight put up by the Polish 10th Mechanized Brigade during the German invasion of Poland in September 1939. The book includes ten action-packed scenarios that can be played alone or together in one of four campaigns.
Maximum Replayability: the SkirmishCampaigns system features a realistic (and historic) variable order of battle for each scenario, guaranteeing countless unique scenario and campaign replays.
Generic Order of Battle: this book also includes a unique generic order of battle listing that can be translated to almost any skirmish rule system.
Historical Research: this book includes several introduction sections that contain background information on the Polish Campaign of 1939.
Includes: 10 Scenarios, 4 Campaigns
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