Skirmish Campaigns: France '40 - The Ghost Division

Skirmish Campaigns: France 40 - The Ghost Division
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Skirmish Campaigns: France '40 - The Ghost Division

On May 10, 1940 Erwin Rommel was at the head of one of the most powerful combat units in the world- the 7th Panzer. Rommel was tasked with leading his unit onto the attack against France. This book features 10 scenarios that follow Rommel's 7th Panzer- the unit was called the "Ghost Division" because it moved so fast, no one knew exactly where it was, this is exactly the way Rommel liked it.

SkirmishCampaigns: France '40-The Ghost Division is a complete campaign book for recreating skirmish-level battles and campaigns centered on Rommel's 7th Panzer Division in the German invasion of France in May-June 1940. The book includes ten action-packed scenarios that can be played alone or together in one of three campaigns.
Maximum Replayability: the SkirmishCampaigns system features a realistic (and historic) variable order of battle for each scenario, guaranteeing countless unique scenario and campaign replays.
Generic Order of Battle: this book also includes a unique generic order of battle listing that can be translated to almost any skirmish rule system.
Historical Research: this book includes several introduction sections that contain background information on the France Campaign of 1940.
Includes: 10 Scenarios, 3 Campaigns
Skirmish Campaigns
Skirmish Campaigns: France 40 - The Ghost Division


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