British Field Medics and Wounded Soldier

British Field Medics and Wounded Soldier
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British Field Medics and Wounded Soldier

The pack consists of 3 miniatures, in two parts, cast in high quality pewter, sculpted by Alan Marsh. 28mm scale and fit great with all popular WW2 ranges.

This British Field Medic is attending to a wounded soldier, whilst her colleague assists. Perhaps they are out on the mainland, or even back home. These miniatures work great in both historical WW2 games as well as pulp settings such as Operation Sea Lion. They can be used in game as markers but also as gaming figures, but make a beautiful vignette. You'll be pleased to know that the soldier WILL BE OK! Yay!
I grew up in a small village which consisted of many women who had served in the land army and then settled down in the same area, one of which was my own nan! It gave me an interest from a young age (even when I was a bit disappointed to discover they weren't a military organisation, for a while I had an image of her shooting nazis).
Launching the Home Front range has been something I have wanted to do since setting up Bad Squiddo Games, so I am more than excited to announce the start of what will be a very large range. I hope you love the miniatures as much as I do - Annie Norman, owner of Bad Squiddo Games.

28mm, metal
Bad Squiddo Games


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