Nanhai Trading Post

Nanhai Trading Post
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Nanhai Trading Post

Dimensions; 270mm x 150mm x 155mm
Nanhai Tradin Post - South China Sea - Southern Sea
1890's -> 1970's
An important stop over at the mouth of the river, the trading post offered much more than axes and staples. Sultry Sue will ask if you need a good time. Watch out for Jack, because if you ask where he lost his eye, will take yours out in answer. Corbet will get you anything you want - for a price, sometimes too high to pay, but will you be coming back this way anyway?
Suitable for games in Vietnam, French Colonial, China, Malay Peninsula, Phillipines and General South China Seas Period, Approx 1890's -> 1970's.

28mm, MDF
Nanhai Trading Post
Nanhai Trading Post
Nanhai Trading Post
Nanhai Trading Post
Nanhai Trading Post


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