Hungarian Starter Force: Zrinyi Assault Gun Battery (LW)

Hungarian Starter Force: Zrinyi Assault Gun Battery (LW)
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Hungarian Starter Force: Zrinyi Assault Gun Battery (Plastic)

While the Hungarians may have been behind the Germans in military technology, they were not slow to recognise a good idea when they saw it. In 1943 they went about creating their own assault gun forces to support their infantry divisions based on the German assault gun battalions.

Hungarian Assault Gun Battery includes:
• Four Zrinyi Assault-guns
• Three StuG Assault-guns
• Three Hetzer Assault-guns
• Three Panther Tanks
• Four 10.5cm Howitzers
• Complete A5 Flames Of War rulebook
• One Hungarian "Start Here" Guide
• Two Decal Sheets
• Seven Unit cards.

The Zrinyi
After their experience against the Soviets on the Eastern Front, the Hungarian military leaders requested a self-propelled assault gun to aid in their efforts against the hordes of Soviet armour. Based on the hull of the Turán tank, the Zrínyi II mounted a 105mm 43M howitzer. Plans for the proposed Zrínyi I mounting a German 75mm gun were cut short when the Americans bombed the factory. Only one prototype was built.

The Stug (7.5cm)
Not all Hungarian assault gun battalions were armed with Zrínyi assault guns.The 7th Assault Gun Battalion (7. Rohamtüzér Osztály) first went into action in August 1944 equipped with German supplied StuG assault guns. Its 2nd Battery managed to knock out twelve T-34s during fighting at Királyhegyes.

The Hetzer
The little German/Czech Hetzer assault gun saw service with the 16th, 20th, 20th, and 25th Assault Gun Battalions. Hungarian crewed Hetzers fought from Debrecen to Budapest and in the last battles in Western Hungary. The Hetzer, though small, packed the same firepower as the larger StuG assault gun. Its 7.5cm gun could knock out a Soviet T-34 from long range.

The Panther
In August 1944, the 2nd Armoured Division received five Panther A tanks which came under the command of Főhadnagy Ervin Tarczay’s 2nd Company, 1st Battalion, 3rd Armoured Regiment. Another ten to twelve Panthers originally destined for Romania may have been redirected to the Hungarians in September following the Romanian defection to the Allies.

The 10.5cm Howitzer
Each armoured division has two motorised artillery battalions, each with three 4-gun batteries equipped with 105mm 37M howitzers (10.5cm leFH18). These 105mm howitzers are modern weapons supplied by the Germans and provide excellent fire support.

Flames Of War 4th Edition Mini Rulebook (x1)
Quick Start Guide (x1)
Plastic Zrinyi Sprue (x4)
Plastic Panther Tank Sprue (x3)
Plastic StuG Sprue (x3)
Plastic Hetzer/Marder Sprue (x3)          
10.5cm Howtizer Sprue (x4)
Plastic Tank Commander Sprue (x2)     
Hungarian Tank Commander Sprue (x1)
Hungarian / Finnish Decal Sheet (x2)

Unit Cards
Bagration: Hungarian Force Card (x1)
Zrinyi Assault Gun Battery HQ (x1)       
Zrinyi Assault Gun Platoon (x1)
StuG Assault Gun Platoon (x1) 
Hetzer Assault Gun Platoon (x1)
Panther Tank Platoon (x1)        
105mm Artillery Battery Platoon (x1)

15mm, plastic
Battlefront Miniatures
Hungarian Starter Force: Zrinyi Assault Gun Battery (LW)
Hungarian Starter Force: Zrinyi Assault Gun Battery (LW)
Hungarian Starter Force: Zrinyi Assault Gun Battery (LW)
Hungarian Starter Force: Zrinyi Assault Gun Battery (LW)
Hungarian Starter Force: Zrinyi Assault Gun Battery (LW)


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