Mortar Platoon (ANZAC)

Mortar Platoon (ANZAC)
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Mortar Platoon (ANZAC)

includes one Command M16 Rifle team, three Mortar sections each with two M29 81mm mortars with crew, one Small three-hole base & four Medium four-hole bases.

By 1952, the M1 81mm mortar which had served US armed forces during the Second World War and into the Korean War had been superseded by the M29 81mm mortar. The M29 offered an increase in range and portability due to a reduction in weight when compared to the older M1 (42kg vs. 62kg).
This lighter design meant that crews could quickly move into position and set-up without much difficulty. The reduction in weight also meant the crew could carry a more abundant supply of ammunition into action with them and therefore increase the effectiveness of fire missions. The increase in range also allowed teams to engage targets at distances less susceptible to small arms fire.

ANZAC forces serving in Vietnam were armed with the American made M29 81mm mortar.

The M29 81mm Mortar in Flames of War Vietnam
M29 81mm mortar

Mobility: Man-packed
Range: 24”/60cm
Rate of Fire: 2
Anti-tank: 2
Firepower: 3+
Minimum range 8”/20cm, Smoke

Firing Bombardments
Range: 48”/120cm
Anti-tank: 2
Firepower: 6

Smoke bombardment

Sometimes your weapons won’t destroy the enemy quickly enough to prevent them from wreaking havoc on your own troops first. One way to protect your troops in the meanwhile is to fire smoke at the enemy to temporarily impair their vision.
Only weapons listed as having the Smoke attribute in their Arsenal may fire smoke. Some weapons can also fire Smoke Bombardments (see page 136 of the main rulebook).

Smoke Bombardment
A smoke screen is created by firing shells filled with chemicals that burn quickly, giving off clouds of dense white smoke. Enormous amounts of these shells must be fired onto a small area to create a smoke screen large and dense enough to provide complete concealment for your troops. Impromptu smoke screens of the type called down by a commander during a battle, while still impressive and quite effective, are nowhere near as dense and complete and cannot be maintained indefinitely.

Only weapons listed as having the Smoke Bombardment attribute in their Arsenal listing may fire a Smoke Bombardment.

15mm, metal
Battlefront Miniatures

Mortar Platoon (ANZAC)
Mortar Platoon (ANZAC)
Mortar Platoon (ANZAC)
Mortar Platoon (ANZAC)
Mortar Platoon (ANZAC)


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