Korean War: Chinese PVA Support Group

Korean War: Chinese PVA Support Group
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Korean War: Chinese PVA Support Group

Headquarters Team
Officers of the CCP army were selected on past military experience and political ideology. CCP army officers did not carry swords like Japanese officers. They had titles, not ranks; for example, Platoon Commander or Company Commander, rather than Lieutenant or Captain. There are also models to represent medics and/or forward observers.
Medium Machine Gun Teams
The Type 24 machine gun was a Chinese produced copy of the MG08/15 Maxim machine gun. The Chinese would make use of captured US .30cal MMG and make copies of the .30 cal.
Medium Mortar Team
The Chinese had a fair number of medium mortars in the infantry battalion, typically utilizing the Russian model 82mm and the 81mm Brandt Mle 27/31 medium mortar. The Chinese PVA formed small batteries of three tubes in an infantry battalion’s weapons company and six-tube batteries in a battalion mortar company.
Contains 10 Metal Models & 2 Weapons
Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
28mm, metal
Warlord Games
Korean War: Chinese PVA Support Group
Korean War: Chinese PVA Support Group


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