Dark Age Cavalry

Dark Age Cavalry
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Dark Age Cavalry

This box contains all the parts to assemble 12 plastic cavalrymen plus bases suitable for the Swordpoint gaming system.
They can be used to represent any unarmoured cavalry of the period from around 300AD to approx 800AD including Ostrogoths, Visigoths, Vandals, Franks, Germans, Heruls, Lombards and loads more.
Parts from this box are compatible with many parts from all our other box sets so you can do many, many conversions. For example, use some Roman helmets from Late Roman Infantry box to make Roman light cavalry.
Sculpted by Bob Naismith.
Basic modelling skills required to assemble.
Examples of assembled figures were painted by Darren Linington and are from the personal collection of Lord S.
Please note, the round shields in GBP16 are also the same as GBP01 Viking Hirdmen, GBP02 Saxon Thegns, and GBP03 Dark Age Warriors. The oval shields are the same as GBP09 Late Roman Infantry.
Supplied unassembled and unpainted.
28mm plastic
Gripping Beast
Dark Age Cavalry
Dark Age Cavalry
Dark Age Cavalry
Dark Age Cavalry
Dark Age Cavalry


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