The Citadel Plastic Castle

The Citadel Plastic Castle
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The Citadel Plastic Castle

Castles have been used for centuries – primarily to control vital trade and transport routes by road and river – with the supply of food, uniforms, munitions and troops being of prime importance during times of war. The thick stone defensive walls of a castle provide unparalleled protection for those garrisoned inside. Walls were often topped with crenelations – series of forked ramparts with regular gaps for archers and riflemen to duck into-and-out-of, to fire upon the attackers with lesser risk of return fire. Their walls would be beset with cross-shaped arrow slits – just big enough for archers inside of the walls to fire out of, whilst providing very little opportunity for the enemy to fire back.

This kit contains five wall sections, four towers and a gatehouse – allowing you to create either a fully enclosed rectangular-footprinted castle – or an impressive defensive wall. The ultimate centrepiece for any 28mm gaming table!

Castle supplied unassembled and unpainted. Miniatures shown for scale purpose and not included.
28mm, plastic
Warlord Games


The Citadel Plastic Castle
The Citadel Plastic Castle
The Citadel Plastic Castle
The Citadel Plastic Castle
The Citadel Plastic Castle


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