M10 3-Inch Tank Destroyer Platoon (Plastic)

M10 3-Inch Tank Destroyer Platoon (Plastic)
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M10 3-Inch Tank Destroyer Platoon (Plastic)
includes four plastic M10 3-Inch Tank Destroyers, four plastic Commander sprues, one Decal Sheet and one Unit card.

The most potent weapon the US Army has in Tunisia for dealing with enemy tanks is the M10 tank destroyer. It has one job: to stalk and destroy enemy tanks.

The M10 3in Tank Destroyer
The 3" GMC M10 Tank Destroyer was based on the medium tank M4A2 (diesel) and was armed with the 3” anti-tank gun. The turret only had a partial roof over its front third (on occasion in the field crews would add their own).

The open top was to allow better visibility and easier servicing of the weapon, but at an obvious cost to protection. The hull and turret on the M10 both took advantage of sloped armour.

The turret of the M10 was five-sided, including the gun shield in front. Two triangular counterweights added to the rear of the turret to balance the heavy 3" gun at the front. This greatly eased turret traverse.

The Tank Destroyer Force of WWII was organized into Groups, Brigades and Battalions. Each battalion was composed of 36 Tank Destroyers. A total of 70 battalions were deployed overseas.

The M10 first saw action in Tunisia with the one Battalion serving during the campaign. The M3 Tank Destroyers were quickly removed from service after Tunisia and all SP Tank Destroyer Battalions serving in Sicily had had their vehicles replaced by the M10.

Each Infantry and Armored Division was issued with one Tank Destroyer Battalion.

Plastic M10 3-Inch Tank Destroyer Sprue (x4)
Plastic Commander Sprue (x4)
Decal Sheet (x1)


M10 3-Inch Unit Card (x1)

15mm, plastic
Battlefront Miniatures

M10 3-Inch Tank Destroyer Platoon (Plastic)
M10 3-Inch Tank Destroyer Platoon (Plastic)
M10 3-Inch Tank Destroyer Platoon (Plastic)
M10 3-Inch Tank Destroyer Platoon (Plastic)
M10 3-Inch Tank Destroyer Platoon (Plastic)


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