Strontium Dog: SD Agents

Strontium Dog: SD Agents
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Strontium Dog: SD Agents

An angry, uncouth Scotsman with a penchant for the bottle, Archibald 'Middenface' McNulty joins Johnny Alpha on many jobs and is only too happy to 'dish oot the laldy'. Whatever that means...
Like Middenface, Kid Knee likes a drink – he needs the solace of a bottle of Mac-Mac to calm his shot nerves.
Blubberlips was one of Johnny Alpha's group as they tracked down the notorious mutant war criminal, General William Blood Moon.
Afflicted with a vampire-like blood lust mutation Durham Red is both ally and lover to Johnny Alpha. Durham's thirst for blood is just one of the sources of Johnny's mistrust of her.
Maeve the Many-Armed, unsurprising, has many arms and aside from dressing like the legendary Queen of Connacht, she wields multiple weapons – you've got to hand it to her.
This set contains:
5 Metal SD Agents miniatures
5 Character cards
4 Armoury cards: Bottle of Mac-Mac, Beam Polarizer, Chameleon Cloak and Medipac
1 Chicanery card: Distraction
Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
28mm, metal
Warlord Games
Strontium Dog: SD Agents
Strontium Dog: SD Agents
Strontium Dog: SD Agents
Strontium Dog: SD Agents
Strontium Dog: SD Agents


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