Dacians: Dacian War Host

Dacians: Dacian War Host
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Art.Nr.: WGH-CE-05
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Dacians: Dacian War Host
(WGH-CE-05) Box

Few of Rome's many enemies would fight for long before being cowed and delivering tribute or lying dead beneath the Legionaries’ hobnailed sandals. Not so the Dacians. A fiercely proud people from what is now Romania, they fought two great wars with Rome – wars so bloody and hard fought that they were portrayed forever in stone on Trajan's column.
Warlord Games’ Dacian War Host appear as they would to a Roman commander, ranked up behind their well-equipped and richly dressed Chieftain. They are fighting under the billowing draco standard and driven to fever pitch by the rasping, bellowing sound from the long-necked carynx horn.
If this was not enough to cause consternation in a soldier far from home, many Dacian warriors are wielding the dreaded falx – a double-handed war scythe! This brutal weapon could slice through a shield or cut off a limb with one savage blow.

So gather your war host, grip tight your falx and give praise to Decebalus, your king!

This box set contains:

  • 4 Plastic sprues to make 40 Dacians
  • 1 Metal Chieftan
  • 6 Metal Heads wearing Phrygians
  • 4 Metal Noble Heads
  • 1 Dacian blowing a Carnyx
  • 3 Dacian upper bodies weilding Falx
  • 3 extra metal Falx
  • 1 Metal Standard
  • New Dacian Decal sheet
  • 1 Celtic transfers sheet
  • 10 Metal Shields


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