Cruel Seas: Fairmile D MGB 660

Cruel Seas: Fairmile D MGB 660
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Cruel Seas: Fairmile D MGB 660

The Fairmile company produced a mass production vessel, which had good seagoing qualities and was used also for mine laying. Their most famous boat was probably the Fairmile D or ‘Dog’ boat, a dual MTB/MGB, possibly the best-armed vessel size for its size in the world.
MGB 660
This model represents motor gun boat 660 in its final configuration, including an automatic 6pdr on the foredeck, a 20mm on either side of the bridge, a twin 20mm amidships and a quick firing 3pdr (effectively a 40mm) cannon on the stern.
MG660 - Built by Brooke Marine Ltd. (Oulton Broad, England, U.K.), Commissioned 21 Apr 1943.
First commanded by Alexander Robert Todd, RNZNVR from 8 Jul 1943 to 6 Aug 1943 and then A T Robinson, RNVR till mid-1945.
The Fairmile D MGB 660 comes in packs of two to boost your Royal Navy coastal forces.
Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
1/300, metal/resin
Warlord Games
Cruel Seas: Fairmile D MGB 660
Cruel Seas: Fairmile D MGB 660
Cruel Seas: Fairmile D MGB 660


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