Bedford OY 3-ton Lorry

Bedford OY 3-ton Lorry
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Bedford OY 3-ton Lorry
The OY was a 3-ton transport vehicle that saw service throughout the war and in many theatres of operations. Wherever your Tommies and Commonwealth troops want to go, the OY will provide the means to get there quickly.
They were used to fulfil various roles, including transportation of troops, transportation of armaments, mobile canteens, tankers, general purpose lorries, and a version used by the Royal Air Force to transport dismantled or damaged aircraft.
The kit includes 1 resin lorry with additional metal pieces.
Bolt Action stats
Type: Truck
Weapons: None
Damage Value 6+ (soft skin)
Transport: 12 men
Tow: Light Howitzer; light or medium AT gun
NB: Can also be inexperienced and veteran, see Bolt Action rulebook for more details.

28mm, resin
Warlord Games
Bedford OY 3-ton Lorry


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