By Fire & Sword: Task Force + Hetman Janusz Radziwiłł (limitiert)(English)

By Fire & Sword: Task Force + Hetman Janusz Radziwiłł (limitiert)(English)
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By Fire & Sword: Task Force + Hetman Janusz Radziwiłł

Task Force is a completely new level of By Fire and Sword games that was created by combining the best elements from Skirmish and Divisional levels and then developed with new rules
Task Force allows to play with much larger forces than in case of skirmishes. It also allows fielding units that until now were only available at Divisional level, such as Silahdar, Swedish pikemen, Transylvanian household infantry or medium artillery.
Despite increasing the number of figures thanks to introduction of Motivation Level the game on this level is very dynamic and enables a quick resolution of the battle, this makes Task Force a perfect tournament format.
The players receive a selection of 33 Task Forces. These include small and elite forces as well as those that seek advantage in numbers. They offer completely different tactical possibilities – from very offensive that include only cavalry to defensive that base their strength on artillery fire and massed ranks of infantry.
Please also remember that ALL published Skirmish Forces as well as Task Forces will are available in our free Army Creator
List of available Task Forces
Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
Polish Cavalry Task Force 1653-57
Polish Cavalry Task Force 1673-76
Lithuanian Cavalry Task Force 1649-54
Lithuanian Cavalry Task Force 1668-76
Polish Levy of Nobility 1648-60
Lithuanian Levy of Nobility 1648-60
Cossack Task Force 1648-76
Cossack-Tartar Task Force 1648-76
Cossack Rebels 1648-52
Kingdom of Sweden
Field Task Force 1648-60
Garrison Task Force 1648-1660
Home Defence Task Force - 1657
The Crimean Khanate
Tartar Task Force 1648-76
Tartar Raiding Task Force 1648-76
The Ottoman Empire
Task Force from the European Provinces 1648-1676
Provincial Task Force from European Provinces 1648-76
Ottoman-Tartar Task Force 1648-1676
The Tsardom of Muscovy
Voivode Cavalry Task Force 1648-1676
Voivode Infantry Task Force 1648-1676
Border Defence Task Force 1648-1676
The Principality of Transylvania
Field Task Force 1648-60
Siege Task Force 1648-60
The Holy Roman Empire
Imperial Task Force 1657–60
Imperial Task Forces 1663-64 - main theatre of war
Imperial Task Forces in Pomerania - 1659
The Brandenburg and Ducal Prussia
Prussian Territorial Defence 1655-60
Expeditionary Corps in Denmark – 1659
Brandenburgian-Swedish Task Force 1656-57
The Royal City of Gdańsk
Gdańsk Task Force 1648-1676
Siege Task Force 1659
The Kingdom of Denmark and Norway
Danish Task Force in Scania 1657
Norwegian Task Force 1657-1660
'New War' Task Force 1658-60


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