3'x3' Terrain Tile System Pack

3x3 Terrain Tile System Pack
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3'x3' Terrain Tile System Pack

These terrain tiles are designed with interlocking edges which enable them to be positioned together neatly. The design also allows the tiles to be offset by 10cm. They are self-locking as each group of tiles are placed to form a game scenario.

The tiles make reconfiguring a game set-up simple and quick while breaking with the convention of a square table. The addition of 100mm x 200mm and
100mm x 100mm tiles add more potential to your table layouts.

The contents of this set will make approximately a 9ft square feet area (3' x 3'):
16 x 200mm x 200mm tiles
8 x 200mm x 100mm tiles
4 x 100mm x 100mm tiles
These tiles are made from flat and plain 3mm MDF.
Sarissa Precision
3x3 Terrain Tile System Pack


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