Post Human Republic Athena Air Superiority Fighter

Post Human Republic Athena Air Superiority Fighter
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Post Human Republic Athena Air Superiority Fighter

The Athena is a formidably armed, multi-role heavy fighter. Powerful and well armoured, a single Athena can be more than a match for several lesser interceptors in the hands of a skilled pilot.

Its primary mission profile is air interdiction. Equipped with twin long barrelled Skybane rail repeaters, the Athena can engage enemy aircraft at long range, and with deadly effect. Its under-wing hardpoints can also be loaded with a pair of Cloudspear stealth cruise missiles, making it equally devastating in the ground attack role. A Shadowkiller launcher augments this already lethal firepower, adding anti-tank capability to the Athena's already extensive repertoire.

It is considerably faster at combat speed than most other aircraft encountered over the battlefield, making it difficult to intercept. It is able to supercruise near ground level with the assistance of its support AI and advanced terrain-following scanners.

One model per blister

Length: 84mm

Wingspan: 47mm

3 Resin Components

Supplied with 1x 40mm polished clear acrylic flying base

10mm, resin. Model supplied unassembled and unpainted
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