Urban Power Plant

Urban Power Plant
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Urban Power Plant

10S-JIW-S1 is a “10Standard” 4Ground model set with high detail and pre-painted parts.
As with all urban zones since the late 20th century Hellas-Jesserai has a voracious appetite for power.  Large amounts of power within the city are produced through nuclear fusion from fusion power stations.  These fusion powerplants are small compared to the power stations of the 20th and early 21st century, due to the small size of the fusion bottles and the laser agitation array.  The best power production systems are produced by the Hissen-Sun corporation and they guard their designs jealously.
This style of power plant is common even on the outskirts of Hellas-Jesserai and were often targets for special forces units during the Corporation Wars, in fact the city of Lyot (mainly owned by the Aerospatial Corporation) was devastated when a Frei-Korps peace maker unit completed an orbital drop assault to secure the facility and then set up a fusion cascade causing a nuclear explosion.  Since then power stations tend to always have at least a peace keeper unit in defence to deter terrorists.
Transformers are used throughout the cities of Mars and Hellas-Jesserai is no different, these transformer units allow the repeating of energy from fusion power stations to be distributed across residential and industrial wards.  Transformers tend to be high priority targets in wars and insurgencies as retaining transformers can tip the balance in the favour of defenders.
These transformers are made by the corporation Leartian Industries (a sub corporation of Orienstein and Koppel), using electro magnets and the charge from the original power plant the transformer station generates additional electrical charge which it then puts through the transformer networks.
10mm, MDF
Urban Power Plant
Urban Power Plant
Urban Power Plant


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