Aleph Starter Pack

Aleph Starter Pack
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Aleph Starter Pack

ALEPH is the unique Artificial Intelligence controlling the data networks and technological systems of the entire Human Sphere. ALEPH is humanity’s great ally, and without it, intergalactic socio-political and economical systems would fall apart almost instantly.
But, who can know what ALEPH really thinks? Its representatives will tell you that for the AI, the Sphere is its home and its responsibility: that which it was created to help and with which it will walk towards the future, putting all its efforts to Humanity’s service. Its detractors, the Nomad Nation, will assure you that for ALEPH the Sphere is a playground, a puppet theatre to manipulate, a simple means to a singular end, which is total domination by ALEPH itself.

Box with 6 miniatures: Dakini Tactbot (Combi Rifle), Deva Functionary (Combi Rifle, Nanopulser), Naga (Hacker), Asura (Multi Rifle, Nanopulser), Dakini Tactbot (Combi Rifle), Dakini Tactbot (Combi Rifle).


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