NATO Leopard 1 Tank Platoon (x5 Plastic)

NATO Leopard 1 Tank Platoon (x5 Plastic)
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NATO Leopard 1 Tank Platoon (x5 Plastic)

Includes five plastic Leopard 1 tanks, one plastic Tank Commander sprue, three Decal sheets, and eleven Unit cards.
Though lightly armoured, the Leopard 1 tank is fast and well armed, with a 105mm L7 gun that is more than capable of dealing with any scouting vehicles of Warsaw Pact.
The Krauss-Maffei Leopard 1 adopted by the Canadians was the Leopard 1A3 with a welded turret fitted with the Belgian SABCA computerized fire-control system. The new tank was named the Leopard C1. An order was made for 114 tanks as well as a number of bridging and recovery vehicles.
The first Leopard C1 tanks were delivered in June 1978, with all 114 in Canadian hands by mid-1979. These first tanks went to the Royal Canadian Dragoons, stationed in Lahr, West Germany, who provided the armoured battalion for 4 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group in 1985.
The Leopard 1 has been in service with the Dutch Royal Army since 1969 and has recently undergone an upgrade program, beginning in 1983. The upgrade added a new fire-control system for the gunner, applied applique armour to the turret, and fitted side-skirt armour over the tracks. The upgraded model was designated the Leopard 1-V.
1 Armoured Regiment, Royal Australian Armoured Corps had transitioned in 1976 from the British Centurion to the Leopard 1A3, known locally as the AS1. Exhaustive trials focussed on mobility and firepower rather than the thicker armour of the competing US M60. These formidable German ‘sports cars’ are organised in troops of three main battle tanks in peacetime, in wartime this grows to four. Australian Armoured Troops had trained previously on exchange with their counterparts in NATO, particularly BAOR and the Bundeswehr. Unlike their NATO brethren, Aussie tankers focus heavily on infantry support and always carry some ‘splintex’, as their canister rounds are nicknamed.

Leopard 1 Tank Platoon Box Contents
Leopard 1 Sprue (x5)
Australian Decal Sheet (x1)      
Tank Commander Sprue (x1)
Dutch Decal Sheet (x1)
Canadian Decal Sheet (x1)

Unit Cards
NATO Movement Orders (x1)   
Australian Movement Orders (x1)
4 Canadian Mech Brigade Group (x1)   
4. Divisie (x1)
Armoured Squadron (x1)          
Leopard AS1 (x1)
Leopard C1 (x1)           
Armoured Squadron (x1)
Tank Eskadron (x1)      
Leopard 1 (x2) - Dutch
Leopard 1 (x1) - Dutch

15mm, plastic
Battlefront Miniatures
NATO Leopard 1 Tank Platoon (x5 Plastic)
NATO Leopard 1 Tank Platoon (x5 Plastic)
NATO Leopard 1 Tank Platoon (x5 Plastic)
NATO Leopard 1 Tank Platoon (x5 Plastic)
NATO Leopard 1 Tank Platoon (x5 Plastic)


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