M113 or M106 Platoon (Dutch)

M113 or M106 Platoon (Dutch)
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M113 or M106 Platoon

Includes three M113 or M106 Mortars, one plastic Tank Commander sprue and three Unit cards.
In peace time, the Dutch 120mm mortars are towed by YPR-765 PRMR mortar tractors. As the chance of war became likely, the Dutch government purchased more M106 mortar carriers from the FMC corporation and converted them to carry their MO-120-RT 120mm mortars. This allows the mortars to fire from armoured protection.
The M106 107mm heavy mortars provide fire support for the operations of the Verkennings Eskadron. Whether it’s disrupting enemy movement, supporting delaying attacks, or screening a withdrawal with smoke, the M106s and their crews stand ready to play their role.

M113 or M106 Platoon Box Contents includes:
M113 or M106 Spures (x3)

Unit Cards
M106 (x1)
M113 Transport (x1)
M106 120mm (x1)

15mm, plastic
Battlefront Miniatures
M113 or M106 Platoon (Dutch)
M113 or M106 Platoon (Dutch)
M113 or M106 Platoon (Dutch)
M113 or M106 Platoon (Dutch)
M113 or M106 Platoon (Dutch)


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