Lynx Reconnaissance Patrol (Canadian)(x2)

Lynx Reconnaissance Patrol (Canadian)(x2)
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Lynx Reconnaissance Patrol (x2)

Includes two Lynx Reconnaissance vehicles and one Unit card.
The Canadian Lynx is armed with a .50 cal heavy machine-gun and a 7.62mm machinegun. The commander operates the manually traversed M26 heavy machine-gun cupola from inside the vehicle. The rear-facing observer operates the radio and fires the pintle-mounted 7.62mm machine-gun.
In 1960, the Canadians replaced their aging Ferret armoured cars with the new M113½ Command and Reconnaissance Vehicle (M113 CRV), or as the Canadians designated it, the Lynx. The Lynx was built by FMC, who already manufactured the M113 armoured personnel carrier, and the Lynx, though smaller, shared many of the M113 APC’s components. Like the M113, the Lynx is amphibious. The Canadian forces took delivery of 174 vehicles and these were issued to both the reconnaissance squadron of each armoured regiment (D Squadron) and the reconnaissance platoon of each infantry battalion's combat support company.

Lynx Recce Patrol Unit Card (x1)          
Tank Crew Sprue (x1)

15mm, resin/metal
Battlefront Miniatures

Lynx Reconnaissance Patrol (Canadian)(x2)
Lynx Reconnaissance Patrol (Canadian)(x2)
Lynx Reconnaissance Patrol (Canadian)(x2)
Lynx Reconnaissance Patrol (Canadian)(x2)
Lynx Reconnaissance Patrol (Canadian)(x2)


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