Charlie's Chieftains Army

Charlies Chieftains Army
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Charlie's Chieftains Army

Contains three plastic Chieftain Main Battle Tanks, two plastic two Lynx helicopters, six resin tank commander figures, eight rare-earth magnets, two decal sheets, six unit cards, one printed Assembly Guide booklet and one mini Team Yankee rulebook.

C Squadron, 17th/21st Lancers, and the Irish Guardsmen supporting them made their last-minute preparations, each man checking his weapons one more time and going through the little rituals that had become talismans against violent death.

After days of hard fighting, they were worn and frayed, no longer so eager to test themselves in battle. Their expressions were grim and hard. The coming battle was not going to be easy.

Chieftain Tanks (x3)
The Chieftain has a simple job in Team Yankee: find a good firing position and destroy everything that comes in front of it. With its heavy armour and 120mm gun, there are few tanks that want to engage it in a stand-up fight.

Lynx Helicopters (x2)
The TOW Lynx mounts the US Improved TOW anti-tank missile for the HELARM (Helicopter, Armed) operations. The Lynx is fast and aerobatic, making it ideal for the anti-tank role as it can fly below tree-top level to sneak into position, then pop up using its roof-mounted sights to acquire targets and destroy them with its missiles. Once done, the helicopter quickly repositions to avoid unwanted attention from Soviet air-defence vehicles.

Charlie's Chieftains Box Contents
Chieftain Sprue (x3)
Tank Commander Sprue
Lynx Helicopter Sprue (x2)
Unit Cards
Flight Stands (x2)
Tall Flight Stand Stems (x2)
Decal Sheets

15mm, plastic
Battlefront Miniatures

Charlies Chieftains Army
Charlies Chieftains Army
Charlies Chieftains Army
Charlies Chieftains Army
Charlies Chieftains Army


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