Podpolkovnik Pavel Kamnev

Podpolkovnik Pavel Kamnev
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Podpolkovnik Pavel Kamnev

includes one Podpolkovnik Pavel Kamnev Company Command team & one Medium base.

I will always remember that day, the day that Podpolkovnik Pavel Kamnev and his men charged. The air was crisp, cold. The morning sun just beginning to embrace the world. We were caught off guard by an attacking German half-track company. Their machine guns and troops were ripping though our forward defences. The men started to panic, but not Kamnev, not our fearless hero. He was on his horse calling to the men to mount up and join him. Join his charge. I heard his call and so did most of the men there, finding our horses we followed Pavel Kamnev into hell. Kamnev moved with grace and skill cutting down the German troops. His sword danced as it leapt from one target to the next, never missing never failing.  I did not see him fall, none of us did we just pressed on the attack until the Fascists were cut down or fled the battle field. Only four men survived the charge. I only wished that I could have joined my fellow brothers in their glory, but it wasn’t my time. Though I followed Kamnev’s fearless charge I was not able to join him and his men in glory.

- Leytenant I I Ivanovich.
Leytenant I I Ivanovich died a few weeks later leading his own men in a charge to take out a heavy machine-gun nest. Without his bravery and success on that day, the battle would have been lost. The men who were close to Lt. I I Ivanovich said that his final wish was fulfilled and that he surely joined Pavel Kamnev and his brave men in glory.
In 1942, at the age of 60, Podpolkovnik Pavel Kamnev of the Krasnodar oblast was awarded the Order of Lenin for his bravery.

Pavel Kamnev in Flames Of War

Pavel Kamnev is a Warrior rated as a Fearless Veteran. He is a mounted Company Command SMG team. He replaces the Company Command team of a Gvardeyskiy Kazachiy Polk for +50 points.

Fearless Charge
Kamnev knows how to plan an assault and he understands that morale plays a big part in success. Before the fight, Kamnev inspires his men to fight to the end and never turn back with the words ‘It is glorious for a cossack to charge fearlessly into certain death for Mother Russia’.
When Pavel Kamnev and any Mounted Gvardeyskiy Kazachiy Company that he has joined is Pinned Down by Defensive Fire, he may take an immediate Motivation Test. If he passes the Company does not fall back from the Defensive Fire and continues the Assault.

Any teams hit by Defensive Fire during a Fearless Charge only have a 5+ save instead of the usual 3+ save.

Master Swordsman
Kamnev is a master of the blade, he knows how to wield his sword quickly to gain maximum effect.

Pavel Kamnev rerolls failed Skill Tests to hit in assault combat.

Always Saddled
Due to an old war wound that lodged a bit of shrapnel in his right leg Kamnev never dismounted on the field of battle.

Pavel Kamnev can never send his horse to the rear. If a platoon that he has joined sends their horses to the rear he will remain mounted.
If Kamnev uses the Warrior Infantry Team Casualties rule to avoid destruction he remains mounted, taking his aide’s horse and sending the aide in search of a fresh mount.

Description of Components
1x Cossack Cavalry half figure.
1x Cossack Cavalry half figure and horse.
1x Podpolkovnik Pavel Kamnev figure on horse.
1x Medium base.

Podpolkovnik Pavel Kamnev
Podpolkovnik Pavel Kamnev
Podpolkovnik Pavel Kamnev
Podpolkovnik Pavel Kamnev


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