Soviet Starter Force: Heavy Assault Group

Soviet Starter Force: Heavy Assault Group
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Soviet Starter Force: Heavy Assault Group

The Soviet 11th Guards Army (11ya Gvardeyskiy Armiya) and 31st Army (31ya Armiya) fell upon Orsha on 26 June 1944. A solitary Soviet tank brigade from the 2nd Tank Corps swept around to the west of the city, completing the encirclement. The German remnants of General Volkers’ 27th Army Corps were now trapped inside the city and prepared for a tenacious defence of the city centre.

Soviet Heavy Assault Group includes:
• Four IS-2 tanks
• Two ISU-122 Assault Guns
• Two ISU-152 Assault Guns 
• Four SU-76 Assault Guns
• Three BA-64 Armoured Cars 
• Four 57mm or 76mm Guns
• One Hero Shock Rifle Company
• Complete A5 Flames Of War rulebook
• One Soviet "Start Here" Guide
• Two Decal Sheets
• Twelve Unit cards. 

The IS-2 (122mm)
The IS-2 is lighter and faster than the heaviest KV model tanks, with thicker front armour and an improved turret design. It is armed with a powerful 122mm gun that can penetrate the front armour of German Tiger and Panther tanks.

The ISU-152 (152mm)
The ISU-152 Self-Propelled Gun’s massive 152mm ML-20S gun is used to dig out entrenched enemy positions. The main gun uses a powerful OF-540 high-explosive shell containing nearly 6kg of TNT, which helps it perform its duties of breakthrough and bunker-busting. The gun is extremely effective against buildings or bunkers. It is fully capable of killing everyone inside.

The ISU-122 (122mm)
The ISU-122 Self-propelled Gun’s 122mm D-25S gun can provide the firepower to keep even the most heavily armoured German tanks at bay while your assault forces maintain their advance.  The ISU-122 is virtually invulnerable to most German panzers, but be wary of the Tigers and Panthers. Their high-velocity guns can penetrate your armour at range.

The BA-64 Armoured Car
The light BA-64 armoured car is small and cheap to build. They advance down roads and quickly find and report the enemy’s positions.

The Hero Shock Rifle Company
The Shock Rifle Battalion will do well if you support them with the Red Army’s new heavy equipment such as assault guns and heavy tanks. Having a couple of reliable Maksim heavy machine-guns and the encouragement of a Komissar also helps to get the job done!

The 57mm or 76mm Guns
Some units have the deadly 57mm ZIS-2 antitank gun. This superior example of the worker’s industry can destroy any tank the Fascists dare to enter the battle with.
The 76mm had the penetration and firepower to deal with a wide range of targets, and the mobility to accompany the infantry in attacks.

The SU-76 (76mm)
The role of the SU-76 is as direct-fire artillery, closely following the advance to knock out enemy gun positions. They also provide an excellent bombardment, ideal for pinning the enemy in position ahead of a tank or infantry assault.

Flames Of War 4th Edition Mini Rulebook (x1)
Quick Start Guide (x1)
Plastic IS-2 Sprue (x4)
Plastic ISU Sprue (x4)
Plastic 57mm or 76mm Gun Sprue (x2)
BA-64 Armoured Car Sprue (x3)
Plastic SU-76 Sprue (x2)
Soviet Rifle Company Sprue (x2)
Plastic Gun Crew (x4)   
Plastic Tank Command Sprue (x2)
BA-64 Gunner (x1)
Soviet Symbols Decal Sheet (x1)         
Soviet Slogan Decal Sheet (x1)

Unit Cards
Bagration Soviets Force Card (x1)
SU-76 Light SP Battery (x1)     
Heavy Tank-killer Company (x1)
76mm Artillery Battery (x1)       
IS-2 Guards Heavy Tank Company (x1)
IS-85 Guards Heavy Tank Company (x1)          
IS-2 Heavy SP Artillery Regiment HQ (x1)
ISU-122 Heavy SP Battery (x1) 
ISU-152 Heavy SP Battery (x1)
Hero Shock Rifle Company (x1)           
BA-64 Armoured Car Platoon (x1)
BA-64 OP Observation Post (x1)

15mm, plastic
Battlefront Miniatures
Soviet Starter Force: Heavy Assault Group
Soviet Starter Force: Heavy Assault Group
Soviet Starter Force: Heavy Assault Group
Soviet Starter Force: Heavy Assault Group
Soviet Starter Force: Heavy Assault Group


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