Rifle Company (Plastic)

Rifle Company (Plastic)
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Rifle Company (Plastic)

includes eighteen Plastic DP MG and M1891 Rifle Teams, two PTRD Teams, two 50mm mortar Teams, five Maksim HMG teams, four Commanders and Unit Leaders, two Flame-thrower teams, two Kommisar teams and ten Unit cards.
The soldiers of the Red Army frequently demonstrated their lethality in close quarters assaults. Fighting to rid the beloved Motherland of the fascist invaders, they show little mercy. they were not permitted to stop and take cover for fear that they would not advance again.
Stalin purged the officer corps before the war, removing any officer even remotely suspected of hostility to the regime. Combined with the terrible losses suffered during the first few months of the war, this left the Red Army desperately short of trained officers. To compensate, their tactics were reduced to blunt frontal assaults. Commanders dictated how, where, and when their subordinates would attack, and tolerated no argument. They then expected their attacks to be carried out until successful — or until there were no soldiers left to attack.

Contents include:
Plastic Bases
Rifle Platoon Sprue (x5)
PTRD AT Rifle Sprue (x1)        
Flamethrower Team Sprue (x2)

Unit Cards
Enemy at the Gates Formations (x1)    
Movement Orders  (x1)
Rifle Battalion HQ (x1) 
Rifle Company ((x1)
Penal Company (x1)    
Maksim MG Company (x1)
Hero Rifle Battalion HQ (x1)     
Hero Rifle Company (x2)
Sniper Platoon (x1)

15mm, plastic
Battlefront Miniatures
Rifle Company (Plastic)
Rifle Company (Plastic)
Rifle Company (Plastic)
Rifle Company (Plastic)
Rifle Company (Plastic)


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