'Kutusov's Heroes' Army Deal (Plastic)

Kutusovs Heroes Army Deal (Plastic)
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'Kutusov's Heroes' Army Deal (Plastic)

includes four plastic T-34 tanks, four plastic T-70 tanks, two Katyusha Rocket Battery Vehicles, two plastic Tank Commander sprues, one mini 4th Flames Of War rulebook, two Decal sheets and eight Unit Cards.

The T-34
The robust T-34 suited the Red Army. It was simple to make, forgiving of poor maintenance and easy to repair—plus, there were many more rolling out of the factories to replace those that could not be repaired. The latest versions made it much easier for the commander to command while doing their other job as gunner. Their improved hexagonal turret with twin 'Mickey Mouse ear' hatches, often with a cupola for the commander, made the individual tanks faster, and the formations more flexible.

The T-70
The T-70 light tank used automobile engines and easily-manufactured components to create a tank that didn't need a heavy-machinery factory to build. Despite its small size and cheap price, it still packed a useful 45mm gun, nearly the match of the 50mm gun in the German Panzer III medium tank.

Until T-34 production ramped up toward the end of 1943, two companies of T-70 light tanks replaced one company of T-34 medium tanks in the second battalion of most tank brigades. Nearly half of the tanks in a tank brigade were light tanks like the T-70. Experience commanders learned to exploits their tank's speed and small size to stay alive and gain the enemy's flanks to attack their vulnerable points.

The Katyusha Rocket Battery
The Red Army was also a world leader in the field of rocketry. They used truck-mounted salvo rocket launchers against the Germans right from the start of the war. These saturated a large area with explosives, quickly pinning down the enemy and causing widespread casualties.

Flames Of War 4th Edition Mini Rulebook (x1)
Plastic T-34 Sprue (x4)
Plastic T-70 Sprue (x4)
Plastic Katyusha Sprue (x2)
Plastic Tank Crew (x2)
Soviet Decal Sheet (x2)

Unit Cards
Red Banner Formations and Movement Orders (x1)
T-34 Tank Battalion HQ  (x1)
T-34 Tank Company (x1)          
T-70 Tank Company (x1)
T-34 Hero Tank Battalion HQ (x1)         
T-34 Hero Tank Company (x1)  
T-70 Hero Tank Company (x1)

15mm, plastic
Battlefront Miniatures
Kutusovs Heroes Army Deal (Plastic)
Kutusovs Heroes Army Deal (Plastic)
Kutusovs Heroes Army Deal (Plastic)
Kutusovs Heroes Army Deal (Plastic)
Kutusovs Heroes Army Deal (Plastic)


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