Churchill Tank Troop

Churchill Tank Troop
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Churchill Tank Troop

includes five plastic Churchill tanks, one Decal sheet and one plastic Commander sprue.

The Churchill infantry tank is designed to move at a walking pace ahead of the infantry, knocking out enemy machine-guns as they advance, secure behind its heavy armour. A British infantry division can expect a full brigade of 180 of these powerful tanks attached to it in support of its attacks!
Churchill (6pdr)
The Churchill 6pdr (also known as the Churchill Mk IV) was the most numerous Churchill produced and used from 1943 till the end of the the war. It shared many of the components of the earlier Churchill III and was armed with the reliable 6pdr. The design of the Churchill proved reliable and was used to great effect in crossing rough terrain. Combined with its armour that was capable of shrugging off anything but the most powerful anti-tank weapons.

Churchill (75mm)
The Churchill (75mm) had several minor improvements over previous versions. It was produced as standard with the 75mm Mark V gun with had improved high-explosive rounds compared with the Churchill (6pdr). Few were built due to the impending release of the Churchill (Late) and concurrent upgunning of the Churchill (6pdr).
Churchill (95mm)
The Churchill (95mm) (also known as the Churchill V CS) was the close support version of the Churchill (6pdr) and was armed with a 95mm close-support howitzer in place of the main gun. The howitzer is easily recognised due to its shortness and because it carried a prominent counter-weight on its muzzle.
The Churchill (95mm) was usually fielded in the Squadron HQ to provide the unit with an ability to engage anti-tank guns and fire smoke ammunition to mask those it could not destroy.
Churchill (Late)
The Churchill (Late) (also known as the Churchill Mk VII) was the final production model of the Churchill infantry tank. It saw service in Normandy and France, Holland, Italy and Germany as well as the Korean War. It included many improvements over the Churchill (75mm). It was substantially up armoured and incorporated an improved turret of a composite cast/welded construction, including a lip running around its bottom to reduce shot traps.

Churchill Crocodile
The Churchill Crocodile flame-throwing tank was one of the most feared allied tanks in Normandy. Its thick hide made sure that its crew remained safe from heavy German guns as they closed to deliver their deadly cargo. The flame tank was supplied by an armoured trailer holding 500 gallons (1800 litres) of fuel.
Churchill AVRE
The Churchill AVRE (Armoured Vehicle Royal Engineers) was a Churchill infantry tank modified for engineering work. The main gun has been replaced with a Petard spigot mortar firing a 40-pound (18 kg) demolition charge. These ‘Flying Dustbins’ are capable of destroying any fortification at up to 80 metres range. In addition each AVRE carries a demolition expert and 26 demolition charges for use by the crew of fully-trained assault engineers.

Plastic Churchill Sprue (x5)
Plastic Tank Crew (x1)  
Decal Sheet (x1)
Limited Availability
Flames of War Objectives
4 x Tanks Unit Cards
- Churchill AVRE (x1)   
- Churchill (95mm) (x1)
- Churchill VII (x1)         
- Churchill (x1)

15mm, plastic
Battlefront Miniatures
Churchill Tank Troop
Churchill Tank Troop
Churchill Tank Troop
Churchill Tank Troop
Churchill Tank Troop


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