British Armoured Battlegroup Army Deal

British Armoured Battlegroup Army Deal
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British Armoured Battlegroup Army Deal

4x Sherman (75mm) Tanks
1x Firefly (17 pdr) Tank
3x Stuart (37mm) Tanks
3x Churchill (5 pdr) Tanks
1x Motor Platoon
3x Carriers
4x 25 pdr Guns
4x M10 Tank Destroyers
Complete A5 Rulebook
British “Start Here” Booklet
2x British Decal Sheets
10x Unit Cards

The Sherman 75mm
The American-built Sherman tank has been supplied to the British Army in large numbers, becoming the standard tank by 1944. Most British armoured squadrons (as they call their tank companies) are equipped with Sherman tanks. Combining good mobility with medium armour and a good all-round gun, the Sherman is an effective all-purpose battle tank.

The Firefly (17pdr)
Sherman armoured troops combine the general-purpose Sherman tank with the Firefly specialist anti-tank variant. The Firefly is armed with the 17 pdr anti-tank gun which is ideal for taking out the big German tanks. The Firefly will keep the enemy tanks occupied as your Sherman tanks rush around the flank to finish them off.

The Churchill (6pdr)
The Churchill infantry tank is designed to move at a walking pace ahead of the infantry, knocking out enemy machine guns as they advance, secure behind its heavy armour.
The heavily-armoured Churchill tanks work closely with the infantry, escorting them forward and providing direct fire support in order to get them onto the objective.

The Stuart (37mm)
The American-built Stuart light tank gives British armoured regiments their own scouting capability. It's well-enough armed and armoured to deal with light opposition, and fast enough to avoid anything bigger.

The Motor Platoon
A motor company is essentially a motorised rifle company, just with fewer men and more weapons to make it easier to get forward over crowded roads. Their transports are unarmed, so are usually left safely out of the way during battles.

The Carrier
The carrier platoon gives the motor company it's own scouting force to locate the enemy, protect its flanks, or find sneaky routes forward that the enemy hasn't guarded. Carriers might look like miniature tanks and are good at beating up infantry

The M10 Tank Destroyer
The American M10 provided the British with an effective mobile anti-tank gun, especially when they fitted it with their own deadly 17 pdr gun

The 25pdr Gun
The versatile 25-pounder entered service just before the war began, and remains the main British field gun. Its main ammunition is an 11.5kg (25lb) 87.6mm high-explosive shell, with smoke and solid armour-piercing rounds also available.

Flames Of War 4th Edition Mini Rulebook (x1)
Quick Start Guide (x1)
Plastic Sherman V and Firefly Sprue (x5)
Plastic Churchill Sprue (x3)
Plastic Stuart Sprue (x3)
Plastic M10 Sprue (x4)
Carrier Crew Sprue (x1)
Plastic British Infantry Sprue (x2)
British 25pdr Gun Crew (x2)      
Plastic Tank Commander Sprue (x4)
25 pdr Gun Sprue (x4)
Plastic Universal Carrier Sprue (x3)
British Decal Sheet (x2)

Unit Cards
British Force Card (x1)
Movement Orders (x1)
Sherman Armoured Squadron HQ (x1)  
Sherman Armoured Troop (x1)
Firefly (x1)       
Churchill Italy Armoured Troop (x1)
Stuart Recce Patrol (x1)           
Motor Platoon (x1)
Universal Carrier Patrol (x1)      
25 pdr Field Troop (x1)
M10 SP Anti-tank Troop (x1)

15mm, plastic
Battlefront Miniatures
British Armoured Battlegroup Army Deal
British Armoured Battlegroup Army Deal
British Armoured Battlegroup Army Deal
British Armoured Battlegroup Army Deal
British Armoured Battlegroup Army Deal


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