'Bake's Fire Brigade' Army (Plastic)

Bakes Fire Brigade Army (Plastic)
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'Bake's Fire Brigade' Army (Plastic)

includes three plastic Panzer III (Late) tanks, three plastic Panzer IV (Late) tanks, two plastic Tank Commander sprue, three, 15cm Nebelwerfer guns, three plastic Gun Crew sprues, one mini 4th Flames Of War rulebook, two Decal sheets and seven Unit cards.

The Panzer III (Late)
The 7.5cm gun version of the Panzer III proved an able support weapon but by the summer of 1943, despite its long and proven battle record, the tank was starting to show its age. To remedy this, it was uparmoured to bring it up to date. Ideally, the panzer divisions were meant to have two battalions of Panthers and one with Panzer IV tanks. While the tankers waited for the production lines to catch up with this demand, the units had to make do with older, but uparmoured, Panzer IIIs.

The Panzer IV (Late)
Panzer IV tanks have received a new longer barrelled 7.5cm gun, making it ideal for taking out Soviet medium tanks. Like the Panzer III, the Panzer IV also received more frontal armour and sideskirts. More than capable of holding its own in battle, the Panzer IV would not be outshone by the Panther.

The 15cm Nebelwerfer
The six-barrelled 15cm Nebelwerfer rocket launcher terrified Soviet soldiers, delivering six screaming rockets per launcher and scattering rockets each packed with 31.8 kg (70 lb) of high-explosives across a wide area.

Flames Of War 4th Edition Mini Rulebook (x1)
Plastic Panzer III (Late) Sprue (x3)
Plastic Panzer IV Sprue (x3)
Plastic 15cm Nebelwerfer Sprue (x6)
Plastic Gun Crew (x6 crew sets)           
Plastic Bases
Plastic Tank Crew (x2)  
Panzer Decal Sheet (x2)

Unit Cards
Ghost Panzers Formations and Movement Orders (x1)
Panzer III & IV (Late) HQ  (x1)
Panzer IV (Late) (x1)     
Panzer III & IV (x1)
Flammpanzer III (x1)     
15cm Nebelwerfer Battery(x1)

15mm, plastic
Battlefront Miniatures
Bakes Fire Brigade Army (Plastic)
Bakes Fire Brigade Army (Plastic)
Bakes Fire Brigade Army (Plastic)
Bakes Fire Brigade Army (Plastic)
Bakes Fire Brigade Army (Plastic)


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