Mordanburg Damaged House Collection

Mordanburg Damaged House Collection
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Art.Nr.: 4G-28S-FAR-S6
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Mordanburg Damaged House Collection

28S-FAR-S6 this is a “28Standard” 4Ground set with high detail and pre-painted parts.
This is a set of damaged highstreet buildings, as you can see these damaged buildings have taken damage from arson, war or dragon spillage.  Also where gang street fights are common such as in the Port City of Mordanburg, a fair share of these disturbances include those fought among rogue mages and when magic users get involved it usually inflames the situation.
Many areas ravaged by fire are not rebuilt for months, sometimes years, becoming almost ghost towns the haunts of gangs and creatures most foul. Sometimes one can come upon a building that looks in perfect order only to find this a facade on turning the corner and observing that it is all but a shell. In Mordangurg a fire can be started easily, with this many timber framed houses the City Fire Guard never have a dull day, you could say their future is bright!
28mm Scale models supplied unassembled. MDF, pre-painted
Miniatures not included and for scale purposes only.
Mordanburg Damaged House Collection
Mordanburg Damaged House Collection
Mordanburg Damaged House Collection


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