District XXII Hab-Block 6

District XXII Hab-Block 6
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District XXII Hab-Block 6

10S-JUZ-106 is a “10Standard” 4Ground model kit with high detail and pre-painted parts.

The architectural designs of many of the older buildings from District XXII were built in a style reminiscent of Earth cities in the late fossil fuel age (before the Titan Wars).  ‘The Rout of Man’ had scared the collective psyche of the refugees from Earth, they had fled in their millions to the corporate colonies, bringing great civil unrest as they often outnumbered their colonial host communities. These dispossessed brought to the colonials more than a hunger to survive, they hungered for the familiar ‘Earth That Was’.  They built anew but their building styles were traditional (the hab-block in this kit is a good examples of such buildings).

Hellas, or rather Hellas-Jesserai as it is now known by their descendants, was and is the largest of urban zones on terraformed Mars (the green planet).  For many hundreds of years the majority of their buildings were built in Neo-Gothica, Art-Neo, and Neo-Deco.  District XXII and many of the older districts of Hellas still retain hundreds of old buildings built during this period.  As times have changed preferred styles have changed with them, but District XXII, as one of the poorest districts of Hellas, has retained most of its ancient buildings.

Though Central (District I) is full of gleaming examples of the most current of architectural fashions, occasionally a radical architect will decide on a retro style as they feel a more classical look is required for their next project; it is not uncommon to see a building of the older style among the mighty towers of Central.

This kit contains Hab-Block 6

This building has a footprint of 9 square inches.

This is a 10mm Scale model kit, it is supplied with pre-painted parts but requires assembly.

The Miniatures in these photos are shown for scale purposes only, they are by Hawk Wargames and not included!


District XXII Hab-Block 6
District XXII Hab-Block 6
District XXII Hab-Block 6


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