Fidalgo P26

Fidalgo P26
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Fidalgo P26

Fidalgo paint shelves offer you a comfortable and modular way to have all your paintings and tools in order. All modules are combinable and stackable with each other, allowing you to place them and adapt them to your work area. This is a saving pack with 4 different modules.

This saving pack contains:

- 1 Corner Tier Module in 30cmx30cm, with space for the most used paint bottles on the market.
- 1 Module of two 30cm drawers, one to store all your tools, accessories, etc, and another with space for up to 54 Vallejo type bottes
- 1 15cm Tier Module for the most used paint bottles on the market
- 1 Module Brush Holder, with space for a water cup and lots of brushes.

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Fidalgo P26
Fidalgo P26
Fidalgo P26


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