Carbon Capture Trees (x8)

Carbon Capture Trees (x8)
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Carbon Capture Trees (x8)

10S-JTS-A05 is a “10Standard” 4Ground model kit with high detail and pre-painted parts. This kit contains 8 CCTs (Carbon Capture Trees).

In the wards of Hellas-Jesserai, even though technology has advanced and grav vehicles are relatively commonplace among the more affluent citizens, for the vast majority of residents of Hellas-Jesserai traditional wheeled vehicles or public transport are the main modes of transportation.  One of the main concerns to the city planners of Hellas-Jesserai is the ability to get these citizens to where they need to be as the corporations count every cost, including the impact of traffic on their profitability.

CCTs, these iconic items of modern technology use microscopic tubes (known as Bronchioles) to siphon C02 out of the air, the C02 is then broken down in Alveoli pockets into oxygen and as a byproduct of this effect carbon.  The carbon is then taken to the trees ‘trunk’ where it is turned into a graphine nanoribon.  The nanoribons are then harvested by the corporation, who can sell them on to manufacturers who use them to make carbon nanotubes, a staple of modern equipment.

Miniatures By Hawk Wargames not included.


Carbon Capture Trees (x8)


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