Sewer Cover Type A (x3) and Lampost Type A (x3)

Sewer Cover Type A (x3) and Lampost Type A (x3)
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Sewer Cover Type A (x3) and Lampost Type A (x3)

The streets of Gothic City are dark and gloomy at night and with the ever increasing crime rate many citizens don't feel safe to walk down a street unless there are some working lamp posts.  The sewers of Gothic City are rumoured to have many strange residents and it is not uncommon for a walking pedestrian to go missing new one of the sewer covers, the only sign of their disapearance are splashes of blood and once a single message scribbled in the snow.

Mayor Janet Ballenstien has stated that there is no reason for any concern about the increase in crime or the disapearances and states that no matter what her opponent in the next elections, Samuel Bjornson, states the GCPD can handle these problems.

28mm, MDF



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