Adeptus Mechanicus Ironstrider/Sydonian Dragoon

Adeptus Mechanicus Ironstrider/Sydonian Dragoon
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Adeptus Mechanicus Ironstrider Ballistarius/Sydonian Dragoon

With a distinctive two-legged walking tank-shape, the artillery platform known as the Ironstrider Balistarius is a fearsome sight indeed. Gyroscopically balanced, with downlinks providing them with the sum knowledge of their enemies, the deadly accuracy of the Ironstrider Ballistarius would be the stuff of legend, were any survivors ever left to recall it.

As a mobile artillery weapons platform, the Ironstrider Ballistarius can be fitted with one of two armament options: a twin-linked cognis autocannon or a twin-linked cognis lascannon. The split-toed legs can be posed in two different configurations, with suspensors that can be modelled at differing angles, and the entire surface of the machine crawls with sensors, data collection modules and antennae. The gunner has four head options; three hooded and one rebreather.

The Sydonian Dragoon is a marvel of Adeptus Mechanicus engineering, the closest anyone has yet come to violating the immutable laws of thermodynamics. Perpetual motion repurposed for destruction rather than creation, they act as the Skitarii cavalrymen, charging into battle without doubt or hesitation.

Contained in the box is a number of options, customisations and modifications - the model can be armed with either a taser lance or radium jezzail, with holstered versions of each available - a phosphor serpenta can be added to either configuration. The legs can be posed in two different positions, the suspensors can be moved to different angles and the entire miniature is covered with the sensors, monitors and arrays typical of the Adeptus Mechanicus.

This multi-part, 80-component plastic kit contains all the parts necessary to build either one Ironstrider Ballistarius or a Sydonian Dragoon, and features a small transfer sheet and a 105x70mm oval base.

Adeptus Mechanicus Ironstrider/Sydonian Dragoon

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