Tueden League Wooden Tower

Tueden League Wooden Tower
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Tueden League Wooden Tower

28S-FAR-123 this is a “28Standard” 4Ground kit with high detail and pre-painted parts.

This kind of tower exists throughout the Tueden League, in remote places or outside of small villages lonely watchtowers guard the League against threats both externally and internally.  Normally garrisoned by 8 soldiers, enough to defend the tower against minor raids and to raise an alarm if there is a larger threat. 

These watchtowers are placed in clearings, hills and open fields to be able to observe large areas of surrounding land, even the ones owned by smaller villages’ are placed a bit out of the village to allow unobstructed lines of sight over the surrounding area.  Many watchtowers are placed with line of sight to the another watchtower so that if one is attacked the others may raise the alarm or move to aid the defenders.  In the states of Mordanburg and Fellendorf the placement of Watchtowers are mandatory along roads and rivers to alert the militia of any threats.

This watchtower can be built as a lone tower or as part of an addition to a fortification with up to 3 entrances depending on which walls you choose to use.  It can be combined with Pallisade Walls and Gates to create a sprawling fortification or used on its own to represent any of the lonely windswept watchtowers throughout the Tueden League.

Dimensions 75mm x 75mm x 200mm
28mm, MDF

Tueden League Wooden Tower
Tueden League Wooden Tower
Tueden League Wooden Tower
Tueden League Wooden Tower
Tueden League Wooden Tower


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