Defence Lines - Defence Guns (Blue)

Defence Lines - Defence Guns (Blue)
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Defence Lines - Defence Guns (Blue)

Miniatures Not Included.
This kit includes x2 individual Defence Guns.
The Defence Guns are Blue (Metallic) with Copper barrels and highlights.
These Defence Guns can be fitted onto the top of other kits in the Defence Lines range
(Sold Seperately) such as:
- 28S-LCA-DL-103 Defensive Bunker
- 28S-LCA-DL-104 Defence Lines Gate House
- 28S-LCA-DL-S1 Defence Base Collection
100mm x 50mm x Height 55mm
Defensive walls are only as impenetrable as the guns that defend them.
Give your troops the firepower they need with these two sets of guns that are compatible with our defensive lines walls. Each kit comes with two sets of guns, either a large defensive gun or the missile launcher variant. You can also choose to have them in grey or cobalt blue.
These guns will fit into the roofs of the defensive lines gatehouse or using the size adaptor provided will fit in the roof of the bunker.
They can also be used singularly giving your units a static gun emplacement.
28mm, MDF, pre-painted
Defence Lines - Defence Guns (Blue)
Defence Lines - Defence Guns (Blue)
Defence Lines - Defence Guns (Blue)


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