The Olympus Mons Hive (Gold)

The Olympus Mons Hive (Gold)
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Art.Nr.: 4G-28S-JES-S4(Gold)
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The Olympus Mons Hive (Gold)

Gold Option;
Does not include game-boards (Necromunda Tiles), All colours of inserts (only includes one colour)
Miniatures Not Included.
Covers 34" by 32" wall end to end as shown in the product photo (MAIN)
Individual Dimensions:
Available in 3 colour options:
-Grey with Yellow Inserts
-Gold with Red Inserts
-Silver with Orange Inserts
This is the Gold Set with Red Inserts.
- Bulkhead Corners: 50mm x 50mm wide. Height 55mm
- Bulkhead Walls (Long): 34mm x 93mm wide. Height 55mm
- Bulkhead Walls: 34mm x 46mm wide. Height 55mm
- Bulkhead Inserts (Large): 18.5mm x 1.4mm. Height 38.5mm
- Bulkhead Inserts (Small): 7.7mm x 1.4mm. Height 17mm
- 24 Bulkhead Corners Gold (28S-JES-124)
- 10 Bulkhead Walls Long Gold (28S-JES-125)
- 22 Bulkhead Walls Gold (28S-JES-126)
- x2 Bulkhead Large Inserts x64 Red (28S-JES-A35)
- x2 Bulkhead Small Inserts x64 Red (28S-JES-A36)
- Magnets (320)
28mm, MDF, pre-painted
The Olympus Mons Hive (Gold)
The Olympus Mons Hive (Gold)
The Olympus Mons Hive (Gold)
The Olympus Mons Hive (Gold)
The Olympus Mons Hive (Gold)


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